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Trying to use counterfeit money – FAKE CASH SCAM FAIL (2019) Gas Station TV

Trying to use counterfeit money – FAKE CASH SCAM FAIL (2019) Gas Station TV

what’s up YouTube thank you very much
for watching I want to talk to you today about this woman who tried to pass a
counterfeit $100 bill here at fast stop so you see her coming in the door and
she’s got her stunner shades on and a quick trip cup in hand which was our
first suspicion there right there that something was wrong nobody up to any
good comes to fast stop with a quick trip cup so she’s gonna finish making
her soda right there which is delicious we recommend you get one when you come
on by and then make her way up to the counter where she is going to try to
fool our cashier by asking about a mobile coupon during her passing of this
phony 100 dollar bill so let’s take a watch here real quick and I’ll show you
what happens okay as you can see she’s hoping that miss
Tina is gonna be a little too busy dealing with the coupon to not notice
this phone and Moni coming her way but not miss Tina Tina’s the boss check this
out now as you heard this woman expected us
to believe that Commerce Bank in Raytown is the one that passed her this
counterfeit $100 bill but I’m gonna go ahead and fast-forward through this a
little bit because she just goes on telling more stories about how 50 Cent’s
half-brother Porter actually gave her the counterfeit bill
big shout out to Commerce Bank in Raytown we love you guys we know that
you wouldn’t pass out anything that looks that crazy I mean I my grandmother
has cataracts and I think that she could have recognized this one as a funny
hundred dollar bill if we’ve seen this woman at the ATM and she asked us to
help check her balance we would probably just push her over the woman then
proceeds to finish her transaction by paying with a credit card so let’s hope
that everything’s on the up-and-up and she’s not all around town trying to pass
out funny money at other places if so it’s probably gonna be pretty easy for
someone to identify her card that she used at the store here with us she’ll
continue to go out to the pump and do a little dance here for a minute with the
person that’s in the driver’s seat right now then before driving away in their
car but I just wanted to talk for one second about counterfeit money and one
of the things we do at fast stop is we use variety of tools we train our clerks
very well on how to accept money with a different features to look for and we
also use the ultraviolet light on all of our bills so if anyone’s out there and
they’re considering passing a counterfeit bill at fast stop probably
not a good idea we’re definitely gonna take it from you report it to local law
enforcement and then also to your face isn’t I end up on social media longest
side this lady is well too so not up in here is how we like to say take that
stuff to quick trip along with that Cup ma’am but anyway I want to thank you
guys very much for watching another one of our videos here on YouTube at fast
stop Casey please he’s like our video if you haven’t yet
already subscribed we appreciate you guys thank you for everything

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  2. Very observant employees! Raytown Bank would not have given her any fake money. Who did she think she was fooling??

  3. Years ago I worked at a Taco Bell. Someone tried to give me a fake $100 bill. As soon as the lady gave it to me I could immediately tell just by the texture. Then confirmed their was no ghost held up to a light, and a black mark with a bill marker. My manager told the lady its fake and we should call the cops and then the passenger ran out of the car๐Ÿ˜‚

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