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How To Quickly Make 120x More Money on YouTube

How To Quickly Make 120x More Money on YouTube

Hey, guys. My name is Tim
Schmoyer, and it’s Thursday, which means it’s
time to do some YouTube Q&A like we do every Thursday
here at Video Creators. Today we want to talk about
how you can exponentially increase the amount
of money that you’re making from your online videos,
not just here on YouTube, but from online video
basically anywhere you can post online video. Here’s a question that kind
of leads into what we’re going to talk about today. My question is why would
we make a Facebook video if it can’t be monetized? Great question, Debbie. Right now, YouTube
is pretty much the only social
media platform that pays people for submitting
content to its site. No other social media
platform does that, which makes YouTube pretty awesome. And it means that there’s
a lot of people out there who are making a lot of really
good money, full-time jobs, just by posting
videos on YouTube. For a lot of people, that
AdSense model makes sense, and I have a lot of
personal friends of mine who are just killing it
making really good money based on nothing more than AdSense
revenue from their YouTube videos. But there’s other
YouTube channels, kind of like this one here
at Video Creators, where the amount of AdSense
revenue will make– probably won’t actually lead to,
like, a full-time income just because the pool of
the audience that we’re tapping into is kind of small,
and this is kind of narrow. The thing we’re passionate
about isn’t super popular. Things like that. So let’s do a little bit
of math here together. On YouTube, an average RPM,
which is the amount of revenue that you as a creator are
actually making and actually earning per 1,000 views, is
in the US around $2 to $2.50. But let’s say that you also have
a $30 product that you could sell directly to your
audience, and let’s say you convert 1% of them to
buy this product from you. That same 1,000 views now nets
you $300 instead of $2.50. When you start comparing
those types of numbers, AdSense revenue is
nice, but it’s just of like icing on
the cake compared to other revenue
streams that you could have from your videos. So coming back to your
question about why upload video to
Facebook when you can’t monetize the video
there, you can monetize it, just not with ads. Now a couple questions
that I’m sure you guys are going to be asking
down there, let me just address them right here. One, you’re right. This model is not for every one. Depending on the content
you have and the audience you’re trying to reach, going
after AdSense might be a better option, a better model for you. Number two, you think, I could
never sell anything for $30 to my audience. And maybe you are right. And depending on what
type of channel you have, you might be able
to charge even more or you might even charge less. You know, everything from,
like, a cooking channel could sell, like, a
cookbook that you make. Or if you’re a
gaming channel, you could make a video
series walking someone through an entire game and
maybe selling access to that. Or if you’re a vlogging
channel, maybe you have, like, an ongoing theme
or value on your channel that you could turn
to something and sell. For example, on my
family’s vlogging channel, we do family adventure
day every Saturday, and we regularly make
videos about them. It’s just a time where my family
goes out and it’s just us, and we use it as an opportunity
to really train and teach our kids something as
well as also having fun as a family, solidifying,
building relationships, and things like that. And so maybe I
could make something like 52 Family Adventure Days
that costs less than $10. I don’t know. Something like that. And make that like
a little PDF that I could sell to other families who
are watching our video saying, like, yeah, we love your
family adventure days. We’d love to do something
like that with our family. I’m like, boom. I’m like, $4.99 and
you can download this PDF that gives you 52
ideas for how to do that. A third question
I’m expecting to get is, well, Tim, what
about merchandise? Like t-shirts and albums and
posters and stickers and, like, pens and iPod cases
and things like that? All that stuff, guys,
it really depends on your audience and
the value that you’re bringing it to them. There’s a great
video that we did, I don’t know, a
couple of months, maybe even longer ago
here on this channel, where we had a guest
come on and teach us how to sell merch and
things on your channel about being sleazy. I put a link to that
in the description below if you want
to go check it out. It’s a great video. Very helpful for me as
I was watching that. There’s really good
advice in that video. Because ultimately what
it comes down to do is not just trying to get
money from your audience, but it’s finding
ways to give them something valuable in a
way that provides for you and enables you keep
making videos for them so that you can give
them more value. One of the ways why Video
Creators keeps going is that I do have a $30 product. It’s called “30 Days to a
Better YouTube Channel.” It’s an ebook. There’s a step-by-step
process as a system that you can walk through one day,
every day, for 30 days to really help you
crack your channel, it’s branding, and your
content to be as highly subscribable as possible. There’s a link to that book
also in the description below this video. You can go check
it out if you’re interested in learning more
about what that book entails. And also, download the
first couple days for free and see if it’s something
that’s right for you or not. I would love to hear from you
guys in the comments below. What do you think
about this method of selling to your audience? Is it something
that’s kind of taboo that you would never consider? Or maybe something
you’d consider, but you’re not sure
what direction to go. Help each other out. Give each other some
feedback down there. The community here at
Video Creators is awesome. I love seeing you guys help
each other out all the time, so ask your questions. And if this is your
first time here, I would love to
have you subscribe. Every Thursday we do some
YouTube Q&A just like this. On Tuesdays, we look at all the
updates happening on YouTube and what it means
for us as creators. On Wednesdays, there’s usually
some YouTube tips, advice, ideas, suggestions. And, guys, I do all
this because I really believe that a lot
of you guys have messages that need this thread
and that people need hear. And I do everything I can
to help you guys spread your message, grow
your YouTube channels, and hopefully as a result we
can change lives together. So thank you for letting
me be a part of that. Subscribe, and I’ll see
you guys again next week. Bye.

Reader Comments

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    So id Adsense the ONLY platform I can use on YT ?? No other companies to partner with that can put ads on YT vids ?

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    Probably gonna sell a video teaching magic and another one teaching parkour.
    Its gonna be a bomb! o/

  12. I'm not sure how your friends are killing it. I have a few other youtube channels that have close to 5k subscribers. I'm making enough to pay my cell phone bill each month.

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  17. 3:32 this pdf book, what's wrong with putting that book onto Amazon instead of just having it downloaded from your site as a pdf.

    I imagine the main two are:
    Technical requirements to GET your book onto Amazon
    Reduced profit margin because the profit is shared with Amazon.

  18. I have a video that just took off big. it has over 200K views in 2 days, but the revenue is only about $111.00 am I doing something wrong? Your video says $2.50 per thousand. That would be 200 x $2.50 = $500 Something is off a little. Please help.

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