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what’s good fam? my name is Krisppykim and welcome back to my channel I just want you guys to take a good look
in your screen right now okay so pay attention each and every two
seconds I’m getting 2,000 RP and $5,000 cash so what I have for you today is a
money drop an RP drop glitch it is 100% so low and no requirements at all so
anybody can do this it is extremely easy and aside from that anybody can have
this glitch new players brand new accounts and all that good stuff you
guys can do this glitch but before we get into that if you guys are new in the
channel smash that like button for me guys leave a like and let’s hit 300
likes go for this Opie glitch alright so if it gets anything in the channel
consider yourself subscribing by hitting the red subscribe button and then
turning post certification on the guest posts nothing but logistical issues and
grand theft auto 5 online so with all that being said let’s jump straight into
the glitch first thing you want to do is you have to make your way into an online
session preferably invite only session and stay in that session for 15 minutes
and wait for the treasure map email from Rockstar Games so after 15 minutes you
guys can find it in your phone in an email section and just simply accept
that treasure map and go ahead and the location where it prompts you to go so
as you can see right here this is the treasure map right in front of me so
what you want to need to do next is go ahead and register yourself as a VIP
which will cost you $10,000 if you don’t have a CEO office or a secure serve CEO
not from here wants you guys to start the VIP work called hostile takeover and
I want you guys to simply start it and there will be a timer for that 30
minutes and I want you guys to approach the note and keep on spamming right in
the d-pad keep on spamming it until the VIP work and I mean the timer ends for
30 minutes so keep on spamming that and soon as you keep spamming it you are
continuously gaining 2,000 rph and every 2 seconds and also $5,000 so how cool is
that so each and every 30 minutes the VIP work will restart so in eel for
you guys to bypass that you just have to simply close your application and reopen
it for you guys to continuously do this you have to make sure that you keep on
spamming right in the d-pad so I’m not very sure if there is any other way for
you guys to make this afk I think you guys can do this if you guys have a
keyboard or if you have or if you guys are playing your playstation through PC
or you guys are connecting it through PC and you guys can do keybinds I’m not
very sure but I’m just playing through consoles so I’m doing it manually I keep
on spamming right in the d-pad in each and every time each and every two
seconds I’m gaining 2,000 RP and $5,000 so I just want you guys to take
advantage of this glitch while you still can because it is weekdays today and for
sure this kind of glitch roxtor will patch this very soon so will like you
guys for those of you guys who are pouring the game with doesn’t have MOC
casino bunker do this collision able for you guys to invest in those requirements
for the future money glitches and opie glitches in the future so don’t forget
to leave a like in the video and support the channel and subscribe to my channel
thank you so much for dropping by I’ll see you guys in the next one
bye bye

Reader Comments

  1. Hi great vid btw anybody found a way to freeze the vip work timer so you could do this with no time limit and possibly make this a afk glitch with cronusmax with rapid fire enabled but instead with d-pad right ?

  2. I want to do this but I got a money wipe and a warning from rock star when I did the Lester glitch damn this is so tempting.. Ty beautiful

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  4. You can tell a noob no matter what level they are,I was on earlier and a kid was a level 700 and couldn't play the game?It's also a dead giveaway when noobs have to wait until the cuts scene finishes on the fleeca job.just because they are a high rank doesn't mean they can do jack. a noob is a noob own that shit.i will be glad when this is patched tbf

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